Ticket To Future

Ticket to Future Festivals

International Conference on Festival Development

The Ticket to Future Festivals conference is a must for anyone working professionally with events and festivals, whether historical, or a special music genre or art form.


HORSENS (DK), AUGUST 23-25, 2017

We live in a world where the concept of festivals and events is constantly being developed in new and innovative ways. Today’s festivals are challenging the boundaries between art genres, testing the relationship between art and audience and finding new ways to obtain funding. These developments call for new approaches.

The Ticket to Future Festivals conference looks into the future of festivals and events. We search for new practices and new ways of forming partnerships and developing the artistic contents of our events and festivals. We explore new ways of increasing cultural cooperation between organisations and new ways of developing business models and funding. We also discuss how festivals and events can affect the development of local regions and cities.

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Alternative Festivals & New Formats, Susanne Danig

Amsterdam Light Festival, Felix Guttmann

Changing Horsens' Image, Ole Have Jørgensen

European Medieval Festival, Hassel Löfstedt

From a Town with a Prison..., Ole Wolf

How not to get lost at large events, Nick Dodds

Nordic Baltic Festival Platform, Leelo Lethla

Securing the future through bridging place & time, Chris Maughan

Small & locally anchored, Ása Richardsdóttir

The event strategies of Rotterdam, Johan Moerman

Aarhus Festival, Rikke Øxner


  • Johan Moerman is the Managing Director at Rotterdam Festivals, which is the organisation responsible for event and policy co-ordination in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Johan specialise in concepts that optimise the co-operation between cities and event producers.
  • Felix Guttmann is a serial entrepreneur with a broad interest. Felix is founder and chairman of Amsterdam Light Festival Foundation.
  • Nick Dodds is the managing director of FEI. He is a leading UK expert on cultural venues, festivals and events, and cultural development. FEI specialises in strategic planning, governance, cultural programming, business planning and fundraising for festivals, events, and venues internationally.
  • Sophie Crosby is Senior Vice President of Insight & Marketing for Ticketmaster International, the leading global ticketing agent. She will talk about SMALL DATA, BIG INSIGHTS…and connecting those insights back to mass personalisation in this era of marketing technology and automation.
  • Susanne Danig will address the issue of alternative festivals and new formats. How can festivals be understood in relation to their context in society? How can festivals develop faced with digitalization and the evolving co-creation? What does a decentralized festival look like? How can festivals connect with their essence to stay true to quality in both form and content?
  • Annamaija Saarela is Executive Director at Pirfest, CEO at Annamaija Music Company and has previously been President at Europe Jazz Network and Festival Director at Raahe Jazz on the Beach festival.
  • Ása Richardsdóttir is the project leader of Ice Hot Reykjavík 2018, the biannual Nordic Dance Platform and ambassador for the Nordic Culture Fund. Her contribution at the conference will focus on how festivals in smaller communities can be locally anchored and globally innovative
  • Jim Holt, president and CEO Memphis in May International Festival, has successfully directed one of the United States’ largest and most successful annual civic festivals since 1998.
  • William Culver-Dodds is a management consultant who specialises in business planning, financial management, organisational change and ways of helping organisations present their potential to stakeholders in the most advantageous way.
  • Rikke Øxner is the Executive Director at Aarhus Festival and she tells the story about Aarhus Festival. Before being appointed Executive Director she among others worked for 20 years at Roskilde Festival.
  • Ole Wolf from the Cultural Department at the Municipality of Horsens tells the story of the city Horsens, a transformation from a town with a prison to a town of culture and events.