Ticket to Future Festivals network

Ticket to Future Festivals network

A presentation

Ticket to Future Festivals Network

A Presentation

The Ticket to Future Festivals network is based on the fact, that we have witnessed a huge growth in the numbers of themed festivals within the last 40 years.

We live in a world where festivals and events are constantly being innovated. They are challenging the boundaries between art genres, testing the relationship between art and audience, or finding new ways to obtain funding.

Many of the smaller themed festivals are now well-established, however only a few have worked professionally with developing their festivals. The festivals have small organisations and limited resources making it hard for the festivals constantly to be innovative. These challenges call for new approaches, new relationships and new business models.

The purpose of this project is to support and develop themed festivals through workshops, field trips and networking.

Ticket to Future Festivals network


WORKSHOP 1 - The festivals reason for being
Speaker: Søren Friis Møller, External lecturer, PhD, B.A., MMD at Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy, Copenhagen Business Schools.

WORKSHOP 2 – Creative and artistic festival development
Speaker 1: Jes Vagnby, architect and developer of the physical and aesthetic development of festivals, e.g. Roskilde Festival.
Speaker 2: Ole Wolf

WORKSHOP 3 – Festival organisation and finances
Speaker 1: Jens Nielsen, cultural advisor and lecturer at University College Sjælland
Speaker 2: Flemming Dybbøl, Commercial manager at SMUK Fest

WORKSHOP 4 – Participatory culture and voluntariness
Speaker 1: Camilla Møhring Reestorff, Associate Professor at Aarhus University, Department of Communication and Culture
Speaker 2: Ole Rasmussen, Manager at Muskelsvindfondens Center for Frivillighed og Ledelse

WORKSHOP 5 – New ways of cooperation
Speaker 1: Kai Bredholt and Per Kap Bech Jensen, Odin Teatret
Speaker 2: Peter Gran Boesen, Partner and consultant in Urban Goods
Speaker 3: Niels Offenberg, Festival manager KBH Læser and mediator of litterature, Copenhagen Libraries