Main conference - day 2

Main conference - day 2

Friday, August 25 2017

At the second day at the conference we will meet expiring examples of funding and find new ways to collaborate. After the conference, you can visit the European Medieval Festival or Aarhus Festivals.


SPEAKER 6, Felix Guttman
Amsterdam Light Festival

SPEAKER 7, Sophie Crosby
Small Data, Big Insights.... 

Coffee break

SPEAKER 8, Jim Holt
Succesful city-wide collaboration. Lessons from Memphis in May



SPEAKER 9, William Culver-Dodds & Allan Grige
Sponsorship - OMG

Round-table lunch

Panel debate
Networking in the future – examples from abroad

SPEAKER 10, Nick Dodds
Future Festival Trends

End of the day



  • Annamaija Saarela is Executive Director at Pirfest, CEO at Annamaija Music Company and has previously been President at Europe Jazz Network and Festival Director at Raahe Jazz on the Beach festival.
  • Felix Guttmann is a serial entrepreneur with a broad interest. Felix is founder and chairman of Amsterdam Light Festival Foundation
  • Jim Holt, president and CEO Memphis in May International Festival, has successfully directed one of the United States’ largest and most successful annual civic festivals since 1998.
  • Nick Dodds is the managing director of FEI. He is a leading UK expert on cultural venues, festivals and events, and cultural development. FEI specialises in strategic planning, governance, cultural programming, business planning and fundraising for festivals, events, and venues internationally.
  • Sophie Crosby is Senior Vice President of Insight & Marketing for Ticketmaster International, the leading global ticketing agent. She will talk about SMALL DATA, BIG INSIGHTS…and connecting those insights back to mass personalisation in this era of marketing technology and automation
In-depth discussions

Round-table lunch

Friday at lunch the attendees will be divided into groups at themed tables. At each table, there will be a host to help facilitate the discussions. If you have subjects of particular interests, please mention it at registration and we will consider it in our planning. Please let us know if you are interested in helping us host a table.

Development of network for festivals – international stories of success

Panel debate

Making festivals cooperate is necessary to creative innovation and improve quality. However, it is not always easy. We have gathered three successful networks from all over Europe to a panel discussion to hear their stories of success.

You can meet:
Annamaija Saarela who is Executive Director at Pirfest, Tampere Region festivals' network.
Nick Dodds, former chairman of BAFA, British Arts Festivals Association.
Allan Grige, chairman of IFEA Europe and coordinator of the European Festivals Association’s “EFFE” programme (Europe For Festivals, Festivals for Europe) in Denmark.