Main conference - day 1

Main conference - day 1

Thursday, August 24 2017

Meet some of Europe’s leading experts on strategic cultural planning, fundraising, organisational management and finish the conference day with an exclusive dinner and concert.


Check-in, FÆNGSLET

Welcome by mayor Peter Sørensen

SPEAKER 1, Johan Moerman
Room for everyone - the event strategies of Rotterdam

SPEAKER 2, Chris Maughan
Securing the future through bridging place & time

SPEAKER 3, Susanne Danig
Alternative Festivals and New Formats

SPEAKER 4, Ása Richardsdottier
Festivals in smaller communities


Leelo Lehtla
The Nordic Baltic festival Platform


Hassel Löfstedt, Festival manager
Introduction to the European Medieval Festival

Cell division

Coffee break

SPEAKER 5, Ole Have Jørgensen
Using data in branding cities through festivals & events

Evening programme
Dinner and Concert with Dreamer's Circus


  • Ása Richardsdóttir is the project leader of Ice Hot Reykjavík 2018, the biannual Nordic Dance Platform and ambassador for the Nordic Culture Fund. Her contribution at the conference will focus on how festivals in smaller communities can be locally anchored and globally innovative
  • Johan Moerman is the Managing Director at Rotterdam Festivals, which is the organisation responsible for event and policy co-ordination in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Johan specialise in concepts that optimise the co-operation between cities and event producers.
  • Susanne will address the issue of alternative festivals and new formats. How can festivals be understood in relation to their context in society? How can festivals develop faced with digitalization and the evolving co-creation? What does a decentralized festival look like? How can festivals connect with their essence to stay true to quality in both form and content?
Cell divisions

In-depth discussions

In small groups, the conference participants will visit the small cells of the old Horsens State Prison. You will be led to a predetermined cell, where you and the rest of your group will have a short introductory speak, for instance about how events can support regional development or from a skilled festival leader sharing her hands-on knowledge. The intimate setting is the perfect basis for further in-debt discussions in the group.

Among the introductory speakers will be Jan Michael Madsen, Manager at “Tordenskioldsdage”, a historic festival in Frederikshavn and Pia Lange Christensen, Head of Department at Central Denmark, telling about why Central Denmark Region has chosen to support large international sport events and the effects so far.

Evening programme

Exclusive dinner and concert

Thursday’s conference program ends with an exclusive dinner and concert with Dreamers' Circus. The critically acclaimed trio Dreamer's Circus play Nordic folk music. Folk music is entering an exciting new phase. It has become hip and is attracting a new, younger audience. Dreamers' Circus are not so much a product of this development as one of the main forces behind it. When the three members of Dreamers' Circus enter a stage, it becomes a playground for music history, craftmanship, and a clear artistic vision. The group operate on the basic assumption that folk music is so strong that it can hold up to anything; it thrives whenever it is challenged.

Dreamer's Circus: Rune Tonsgaard Sørensen, violin | Ale Carr, cittern | Nikolaj Busk, piano & accordion