A Unique Setting for the Conference



The historic buildings of the former Horsens State Penitentiary now houses FÆNGSLET, a cultural institution that encompasses The Prison Museum, conference facilities and venues for events, festivals and concerts.

The characteristic and authentic buildings provide a unique setting for the conference. With its 1400 m2 Magasinet, the original warehouse, is perfect for both conferences, trade shows, concerts etc. Magasinet is the main room for the TTFF conference.

The small prison cells of the old prison ward are perfect for the more in-debt discussions that will take place Thursday afternoon. During the discussions, groups of eight attendees get a chance to meet some of the speakers in a more intimate setting.

The European Medieval Festival

Each year during the last weekend of August, the European Medieval Festival invites you on an amazing journey more than 500 years back through the ages.

During the conference you can see how the area is transformed into a medieval market. And the festival opens Friday afternoon just when the conference ends.

The European Medieval Festival is many things: a medieval fair with various arts and crafts for sale, a medieval music festival, a place for theatre, shows and performances, and a living museum with working exhibitions and opportunities to interact with historical groups.

FÆNGSLET sets a fantastic stage for the medieval market with its hundreds of interesting stalls as well as music, theatre, and tournaments.

Horsens - City of Culture and Events

The Ticket to Future Festivals Conference takes place in the city of Horsens.

Horsens Municipality is a vibrant community known for its cultural events and concerts of world-famous artists. But in Horsens, we also cherish the offbeat ideas, and the many creative artists turn the municipality into a cultural hub with new experiences waiting around the corner.

The city hosts a variety of festivals ranging from children- and youth theatre to the Middle Ages, classical music, drawing, and crime fiction.

  • The old prison ward
  • The old prison walls
  • FÆNSGLET houses many different events.
  • A view of FÆNGSLET when Metallica gave a concert at the venue.
  • The Prison Museum
  • The characteristic buildings of FÆNGSLET.
  • A jousting tournament takes place in front of FÆNGSLET.
  • The festival transforms the parks and prison yards into a medieval market.
  • The European Medieval Festival presents music from many different countries.
  • Brave knights fight for glory and honour.
  • The European Medieval Festival by night.
  • The festival is a playground for children.